Impromptu Fun in SCC

When I first started this blog, my vision for it would be to document the various fun activities that you can do in and around the Sun City Center area.  The Cornovirus quickly became a factor in everybodies lives, and I only made posts related to the Cornovirus.  Well that is changing as of right now.

So yesterday on Saturday, my wife, neighbors, all friends, decided to have a impromptu convoy of golf cart riding.  We wound up with four carts following each other around the Sun City Center area just having fun.  We invited everybody we saw.  One of us even stopped and purchased a grill they saw on sale.  At 1830 hours, or 6:30 pm for some of ya, we had 96.3 FM, the SCC radio station playing and sang Lee Greenwoods, God Bless the USA as a group.  Hope ya’ll did as well.  After everybody left, my wife and I took the puppy dogs out for a little jaunt so they could burn some of their energy off.  My wonderful wife, Michelle, streamed bits and parts of it live on her Facebook page.  I have embedded those videos down below.

Remember, it’s all about having fun.  Wish you could have joined us, maybe you will do something impromptu and let us know about it.

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