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My thoughts on the Cornovirus.

So, you are concerned about the coronavirus, and maybe you should be.  My personal thoughts on it maybe counter to what you are being spoon fed by the media.  The media will show you stats on how many people are infected, recovered, and deaths.  While each death is a tragedy for each family involved, this virus needs to be put into perspective.

As of today, the facts that I have been able to find, show that the influenza is actually much worse in the United States so far.  The CDC reports estimates for the influenza as it is not a mandatory required reported disease in most areas to the CDC.  The influenza season for 2020 lasted from October 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020.  During this time frame, 34 to 39 million people are estimated to have the influenza, with 350,000 to 620,000 hospitalized.  The estimated death toll of the influenza during this time frame is 20,000 to 52,000.  The source for this is the CDC.

In comparison, the United States has had a total of 1,215 reported cases of the coronavirus.  With 36 tragic deaths, the CDC did not report any recovered cases.  The CDC website updates at noon time during the week.  I wrote this article before noon time so the numbers maybe different if you check this information out.

Ladies and gentlemen, please, do your research and put this into perspective.  While precautions should and need to be put into place so that the 1,215 reported cases doesn’t explode into something unmanageable.  But if the United States health care system can manage 34 to 39 million cases of the influenza, it can manage the current rate of the coronavirus.

I believe that the main reason the coronavirus is so prominent in the media is the money behind it.  The media and the health care industries are posed to rake in the dough.  The more serious they can make the virus seem, the more money they can make.  Look at how the government is already reacting to the virus by throwing money at it.

Businesses are starting to cancel events that make them big money.  The NBA, NHL, NCAA, Formula 1, professional wrestling to just name a few are going to take a huge hit on profits.  Once the owners of these businesses start putting pressure on the government to stop their scare tactics, I believe you will start to see public events scheduled again.

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

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