US Constitution and the Bible

And this is why I believe the United States Constitution was written by men and women inspired by God.  The below is my option only, based on my knowledge of the Bible and the US Constitution.  I maybe wrong in some minor points, it is the larger view that is important.  It all starts in history way back when…

Way back when before the first Jewish King, the Jewish nation basically had no central government.  They had laws they governed how they were to worship God.  Some of the cities and regions may have had some laws, but there was no central government with a written legal code.  When a person had an issue with another person, they would consult with a Judge.

The Judges in the Old Testament were righteous men and women raised up by God when and where they where needed.  These Judges would work with each other to accomplish what was needed.  If an outside threat existed to the Jewish Nation, a Judge would appear, deal with the problem, and the Jewish Nation would go on.  For day to day affairs, Judges would dispense with righteous decisions.  Now-a-days, we don’t say righteous, we would say fair.

The reason the Jewish Nation didn’t need a central government is that God was in charge.  Pretty much everybody put God in charge and let things happen as they would.  The Jewish Nation way back then, knew a level of Freedom that no other nation, not even modern day America knew.  All because God was in charge.  When God is in charge, you better believe it, people are happy.  

In my opinion, the single most important thing outside of Jesus in the Bible, is free will.  God did not want people to be forced to worship him, he wants us to willingly worship him.  This free will is so important that it is overlooked by almost everybody, even the Jewish Nation way back when.  The Jewish Nation started looking at their neighboring countries and saw they had Kings.  The Jews started thinking they needed a King.  So God gave them a King, King Saul.  And this is when the Jewish Nation started having their free will taken from them by man, not God.

Fast forward to America, our Founding Fathers wrote what has to be hands down, the most important document in the history of man outside of the Bible, the United States Constitution.  The Constitution came about because man continued through out history take freedoms from other men. The constant theme in the Constitution is Freedom.  There are currently twenty-seven amendments to the Constitution, which one would you say is the most important?  

Many say the first or the second, I say it is the tenth amendment.  “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”  This simple sentence ensures that unless our laws prohibit it, Americans can do what ever, we have our freedom to do what not.  In other countries, everything is illegal unless you are allowed to do it. This difference is minor, but oh so important.

A quick flashback to the Bible and the term free will.  Modern day usage of the term free will is freedom.  We say Americans have freedoms, or are free. The way back when Jewish Nation had free will.

These relationships are important to understand that the US Constitution is as close as we are going to get to having the form of Government God envisions for us, that is until Jesus comes back. Everybody has the freedom to do what not, and if you have a problem, you take your problems to a Judge to have them resolved.  This is why I say, our Founding Fathers were inspired by God when they wrote the US Constitution.  And it is important to understand and see these relationships so you can better understand what is happing now.

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