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What is the Sun City Center Retired Life?

It is living the life of an retiree, even when you may not be fully retired.  It’s enjoying life to it’s fullest, enjoying the fact that you don’t have to leave the community to get your shopping done.  If I can go get there on my golf cart, I’m going.  It’s loving the fact that the kids are no longer living with ya, while regretting each moment that aren’t spent with the grandkids.  It’s getting up early to watch the sun come up, maybe even while casting a line at your favorite fishing hole.  It’s taking the pups out on the golf cart for a ride, right after that first cup of joe.  It’s going to bed early, cause you have figured out that nothing good really happens once the sun goes down.  It’s sharing your wisdom of life lessons that were sometimes learned the hard way, with the young’ns.  You have gray hair for a reason after all, it’s all of that wisdom leaking out.  It’s enjoying the old things in life, of a forgotten era.  After all they don’t make them like they used too.  It’s socializing with others when there isn’t a hidden agenda, just good ol’ fashion hanging out.  It’s the Sun City Center Retired Life, were the weekends never end.

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