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When will it end?

America, just saying or reading America brings a chill to my spin.  I’ve been a extreme patriot of our Country and the founding principals behind one of the greatest documents this world has ever seen, The Constitution of the United States of America, since I was a child and could understand such concepts.  The concept that all people, especially Americans, have the Freedom to do pretty much what ever we want is the one of the most basic fundamental foundations of The Constitution.  The Declaration of Independence was written in 1776, and is as important today as it was then.  While the Declaration of Independence is not part of the Constitution, it does outline basic Freedoms our Founding Fathers believed where being trespassed upon by the Crown.

So why is it that we are allowing politicians to take away our Freedoms today.  Where is the out cry that Americans do not have the Freedom to go where they want or when they want.  Where is the out cry that Americans no longer have the chance to conduct business as they see fit?  Why are we, as a nation not crying out?  What has happened?

It’s all in the hyper fear of a simple virus.  I don’t question that the virus is real, it is real.  I don’t question that it is highly contagious, it is highly contagious.  I do question the numbers behind the virus.  I do not trust the governments at the various levels to provide the actual real numbers.  I do believe that the  our governments are artificially inflating the number of people with the COVID-19 virus in their areas, all in an attempt to receive Federal aid money.

Yes, I do believe that politicians will do things in order to ensure that they receive more money.  There is almost no oversight in what cities and counties do with money.  At the State level there is more oversight from both the Federal government and the citizens of the state that most money they receive is used properly.  At the city and county level there is almost no oversight.  These politicians can and do what ever they want with the budget they have.  And when free money from the Federal government floods the county bank accounts, who is going to hold them accountable for spending it to fight the virus?  N O B O D Y.

I am making an all inclusive statement here and I almost never do that.  I want to mention that I don’t believe that all members of a County council or Mayors of every City or Town are corrupt.  But I do believe that the honest ones are distracted by something else while the dishonest ones go to work on the money.  How many local government officials will all of a sudden have family members that work in the health care fields become rich over night?  

I’m getting off track here, sort of.  The media is over reporting on the COVID-19 virus.  While it is contagious, and can kill, the numbers don’t add up.  Some will say it is because of the controls (read Freedoms taken from Americans) that have been implemented.  But there is absolutely no scientific fact that businesses being shut down, and social distancing is working.  I do believe it is helping, but I also don’t think it is as effective as the politicians and media want you to believe it is.

When a politician takes your Freedoms from Americans, they almost never give it back.  Take a look at the Probation years.  It was a long and hard fight to regain that Freedom, it took years to regain it.  Are you ready for this?  Are you going to allow our politicians to control when and where you go?  How you make money if you are even allowed to make money?  Then when they give it back to you, are you going to applaud them?

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