Why America (and American’s) are suffering

There are three types of people I don’t and can’t get along with.  A stupid person, a self-important person, but the one that gets me each and every single time, is a stupid self-important person.  Why am I telling ya’ll this?  I’m telling ya this because our country is full of stupid self-important people.  And because of it is, America and American’s are suffering.

The evidence is in the people we see making the news. Those continuously rioting all over America, the murders, and most importantly, the politicians. It’s in what they say and most importantly, what they do. When was the last time a politician actually did something that helped out America or American’s? If they do, it’s too little too late, and full of conditions.

If each and every American would value other Americans as much as they value themselves, or better yet, more than they value themselves, America would stop suffering. As people need help, the help would be there. Got a flat tire, somebody would stop and help out. Need some help mowing your lawn due to an injury or illness? Neighbors would notice and help out.

I could go on with the examples, but I think you get the idea. America is suffering because a large number of people, that seems to be rapidly growing, are stupid self-important people. People that no matter what, will get ahead regardless of the cost. Don’t let the large number of stupid self-important people demoralize you. Get out there, give other people more importance than they give to you. Help others out, show that you are not one of the stupid self-important people.

Do you take the time to help others out?  What do you do to assist your community, city, county, state, or country?  What do you do to combat the stupid self-important people? Let us know by leaving a reply below.

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